Our Mission

Each year in America more than 600,000 people are released from state and federal prison. Millions serve shorter periods in local jails. After release, they return to incarceration at one of the highest rates in the world. Periods of incarceration do little to address the issues and unmet needs that often lead people to prison in the first place and often add further trauma. We seek to humanize the experience of reentry and drive both awareness and resources toward the process. This benefits the individuals as well as society at large. The world is much better served when people are out working, acting as parents and siblings, paying taxes and contributing to their communities.
We seek to provide the skills and opportunities needed to succeed for both citizens returning from periods of incarceration and the children of incarcerated parents. The soft skills of emotional regulation and resiliency are rarely taught to those who need them most. Teaching these skills empowers people in all areas of their lives – from work, to home, to community interaction. By providing a missing piece of the tools necessary to succeed we look to increase success stories and reduce the rates of incarceration, thus protecting public safety while empowering and respecting all involved in the process.


Founder of The Second Chancer Foundation


Program Manager

Morgan Godvin

Federal Re-Entry Consultant