Understanding Second Chancer Connect

How Does It Work?


Our goal is the establishment of a technologically enhanced mentorship platform connecting incarcerated individuals with non-incarcerated mentors nationwide.This will be accomplished through the development a scalable messaging platform that enables AI-enhanced communication between mentors and incarcerated mentees via letter or email.


The platform will enable bidirectional communication across diverse topics such as navigating post-release life, career or educational planning, and general life advice. These relationships guide incarcerated individuals through the process of preparing for successful reentry and open doors into a professional environment that many incarcerated individuals have never imagined themselves in before.


Personal and economic empowerment are the foundations upon which healing and successful reintegration can be built. Whether it be personal, emotional or professional support that is needed, information from trusted resources and relationships with supportive individuals can change lives.

Why Mentors?

Fundraising for Second Chancer Connect

Where Will The Funds Go?


We have a dedicated team of developers through our solution partner Veo Careers

A Staffing and Recruiting Organization  Matching Candidates with Companies Hiring for Background Friendly Roles.


A Memorandum of Understanding is in place with Ameelio for distribution.

Ameelio is a technology nonprofit that builds software to combat mass incarceration. Disrupting the $3 billion predatory prison communications industry to create a more humane and rehabilitative corrections system for the over 2 million incarcerated individuals.


Through education, awareness, and community connections, we can have the difficult conversations that can lead to social change. It’s how society has changed not only laws but cultural norms and expectations, leading to more acceptance and tolerance on the justice-impacted individual‘s journey, facilitating increased community and marketplace support.