Online Classes?!

We’re looking at expanding the scope of our services. We love working in the local community and are also receiving requests from people outside of our geographic region. So, if you’re interesting in reentry classes or know someone who is, let us know and once we gauge interest we’ll look at scheduling weekly classes. Thank you!

Back to Classes

Bryan is back on the grind with our reentry guys as we evaluate the program and see what further services and support will make the biggest difference. We are grateful to the dedication of the guys who show how they want to better their lives and grow into a position where they can help others by sharing their hard-won experience.

New Year

We are grateful for a new year and the opportunity to continue expanding and finding ways to support. We have been into the juvenile facility several times, including bringing catered food in for Christmas. There isn’t much that matches the feeling of watching joy and gratitude on the faces of kids who have so often felt unseen and forgotten.

Lots of meetings in the coming weeks to look at the best way to expand. We’re considering online content to make the reentry curriculum and other resources more widely available. We’re even looking at expanding into a foundation model so that we can resource and empower grassroots groups that are doing good work.

We’re excited to see what the new year brings and grateful for your support!

Service Update

We are offering weekly reentry classes for adult returning citizens. We are also excited to be going through the approval process to begin working in the local juvenile detention center. We have visited our maximum twice before approval and have started building a rapport with the kids. We’re excited to offer reentry classes, partner with a violence interruption group, and provide direct mentorship. We’re looking at options for volunteers to connect and provide mentorship that can bridge the transition from incarceration to release. More information to follow!